THIS EVENT IS NOW CANCELLED BUT PLEASE CONTINUE SENDING LETTERS…campaign to fix the medical cannabis offering in the UK

We are campaigning for change. We are calling on MPs to press the medical industry, which they have entrusted our sacred plant to, to update the regulations, guidance, and education around cannabis. The current regulations are not fit for the plant and consumers, and this is resulting in low-quality, unsafe medicine. Consumers are getting seeded, mouldy, buggy, badly grown, badly stored, and often irradiated, terpless mids, which increase costs due to a lack of efficiency. Sadly, there are not enough qualifications on cannabis in the legal market, and people with purely pharmaceutical/medical backgrounds are learning on the job. Cannabis is not an isolate, pill, powder, or liquid! Cannabis is a plant, a herb, and a complex medicine. Homegrown cannabis is safer and of higher quality because patients take all measures to ensure their medicine is safe and effective. If they can do it so poorly, why can’t we grow it ourselves? Medical GYO would help those patients who cannot afford it privately and whom the NHS is not yet ready to cater to.

We understand that cannabis has so many therapeutic benefits that it is now prescribed for medical reasons and is a safer alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. How can we deny access to those unable to prove a medical need? There are hundreds of thousands of people across the UK with undiagnosed medical needs that cannabis is or will silently manage.

We are calling on the Home Office to educate its officers on the change in law for one of the UK’s most heavily policed drugs, so people are not persecuted for their medicine. The effects of such persecution can be huge for vulnerable people prescribed cannabis who may also be treating anxiety.

We are calling on importers, pharmacies, and clinics to ensure that their products and advice are of a professional level, utilizing the many years of knowledge the community and industry has built. We ask that they do not let commercial decisions override medical, quality, and safety decisions.

We are calling on employers, landlords, and public venues to show compassion to people in respect of the 2018 law change and their personal situation. We ask them to make allowances and reasonable adjustments so people can consume if necessary.

Here’s how you can help us:

Spread the word. Tell everyone you can, whenever you can, and encourage them to tell others.

Letters –

You can use one of our targeted templates below to send to different individuals and organizations. You can use the find your MP service here: It’s best to personalize your letter with details of how the issues are affecting you or those you know. This makes the reader much more inclined to read it, and it will have a bigger impact.

Links: Letters for MPs, Law Enforcement, Medical Professionals, Employers/Unions, Landlords/Housing Associations.

Protest –

When: 23rd June, 13:00 till 16:20

Where: We now plan to meet at the Golden Jubilee Analemmatic Sundial, which is close by to the rear of Westminster abbey

How: Come as you wish! Banners, Posters, Flyers, Megaphones appreciated!

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