Independence Picnic

So it’s been a quiet few months since we closed the HQ project in February and we have all be itching for a sesh! So the picnic was more than welcome! Also a great opportunity for us get back into the practise of running events as it had been a while, especially on the public front. I spent the morning before sorting out the large pile of club kit that had spent the last few months blocking my back passage which was also a great relief as those of you with IBS will sure agree. After a quick trip to cash and carry for refreshments and supplies all was set ready for the morning. I teamed up with another club member and loaded up and headed to the meeting point. Communicating with the rest of the team along way to pickup and drop more club kit from other admins storage. On arrival we were greeted by a few early birds from the national cannabis community and more club admins. After some long overdue hugs and catch-up chit chat we proceeded to empty the vehicles and setup the stalls with all giving a hand here and there it was light work and up in no time. Music blaring, smoke in the air, and groups of smiling socialising people we sent out instagram and facebook stories to those yet to come and those missing out. Despite the rain on and off many peeps came out and supported with a loyal following staying through out as we laughed at the rain and our stoner tech impromptu shelters and coverings! The club signed up and extended around 5 members, some who had been waiting a while for this opportunity. We shared the vibes and the herbs and even got to see the variety of new legally prescribed pots slowly being prescribed to local people. The day ended with smiles and many went on to share a meal together after the days consumption some good eating was definitely needed 🙂 Big thanks to all the collectives, national community and sound system who made it down to support the club and it’s members. Also a special thanks to the members for braving the rain! We look forward to seeing you all again soon! Keep your eyes peeled for the next raffle as we have a few ready in the pipeline! Also get ready for our pushes around medical cannabis and gyo both much needed fights for Cannabis freedom at the moment.

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