The History of Bristol Cannabis Club

Bristol Cannabis Club held its first meeting in the garden of a public house in St Pauls, at the end of May 2014. Since that time the club has developed and evolved and evolved again to suit the times and circumstances. What we have never stopped doing is pushing for a better system and change to the UK regulations.

In the time since 2014 we have held multiple picnics, public meets and protests. We have organised educational events attended by popular media figures, ex chiefs of police and many more. We have held monthly events for our members when venues have been available, and in late 2018 we secured the lease on an industrial unit, which we named Brunel Steam Room and for over 2 years this building became our beloved HQ. A sanctuary and safe space for our members. In late 2019 the club took its first financial hit, and then the fateful day in January 2020 when the club was burgled and items to the value of at least £8k were taken. We had to fund raise like mad to be able to safely open our doors once again, only to have to close shortly afterwards due to the CV19 restrictions. During the lockdown we used every means available to us to raise funds to keep the rent paid and the possibility of reopening HQ alive. We did manage to reopen but ever changing restrictions and often lack of volunteers, meant that ultimately the club admins decided that the club HQ should close, and we handed in our 3 months notice, which we have always budgeted for.

Lockdown kicked in again to show us that handing in our notice had been the right choice at that time, so we could at least have something left in the pot to find another HQ, once things have settled down.

We now do things differently, in this ever changing world. If club membership is something that interests you, you will need to find an existing paid up member to refer you.

If you are looking for medical cannabis there are lots of private cannabis clinics available in the UK, and you should try these as an option. Having said that our door is always open to anyone who needs our support and advice.

For further information you can email

420 Bristol This Way. Photo Courtesy of one of our founding members.

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